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Citizen's Patrol

Who We Are:
The Wickenburg Citizen's Patrol is a volunteer branch of the Wickenburg Police Department whose mission is to support the Wickenburg Police Department and to maintain the quality of life for the citizens who live and work in the Town of Wickenburg. The Citizen's Patrol is made up of trained citizen volunteers who assist police with duties and value-added services that allow officers to focus on crime reduction. Check out our brochure or complete the Citizen's Patrol Application.

What We Do:

  • Medical Alert Program: Citizen's Patrol members install and maintain the Medical Alert Program. The M.A.P. allows people with medical problems to live alone with the benefit of a notification device that can contact the Wickenburg Police Dispatch if a medical necessity arises. The Dispatch Center then dispatches an officer for a welfare check of the individual.  
  • Vacation Watch: The members of the Citizen's Patrol conduct vacation watch on homes at no charge. Vacation watch includes a security check on homes whose occupants are vacationing. Additional details about this service are available by contacting the Citizen’s Patrol at (928) 684-5411. To sign up for Vacation Watch, please complete the Vacation Watch Form.

Duties/Services Provided to the Police Department by the Citizen’s Patrol:

  • traffic control
  • neighborhood patrol
  • event security
  • police station customer service desk
  • fingerprinting
  • administrative assignments

Interested in Volunteering?
Applications are available for pick up at the Wickenburg Police Department (1980 W Wickenburg Way) on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Coffee with a cop

Coffee with a Cop

Coffee with A Cop began in 2011 in Hawthorne, California as a way for local police officers to increase interactions with their citizens. The concept, simply, is for officers to create an open environment to meet with the public to encourage open conversations, outside of a crisis situation, over a cup of coffee. In most cases, police departments connect with local restaurants that support these meetings by providing the venue and coffee for all attendees to enjoy. Now, in 2020, Coffee with A Cop events are taking place in all 50 states in numerous cities all over the U.S. 

The Wickenburg Police Department first began holding these events on November 22, 2016. The Wickenburg Police Department attempts to hold this event quarterly and rotates the venue with a variety of local businesses. The main advertisement for this event will be posted on the Wickenburg Police Department’s Facebook Page.

Police Station

Community Liaison Program (CLP) 

The Wickenburg Police Department established its Community Liaison Program (CLP) in the Spring of 2017. The Town was divided into eight neighborhoods based upon geographical locations. Each neighborhood is assigned at least two police officers as their “liaison”. The neighborhoods were advertised with social media posts and door-to-door flyers. The initial meetings varied from informal meetings at a park, to grilled hot dogs on a city street. The goal was for citizens within the liaison area to meet their two assigned officers and exchange contact information. Not only were there discussions on needs and concerns in their neighborhood, but the communication channel was opened for them to contact officers as new things came up.

Explorers patch

Explorer Program

The objective of the Law Enforcement Explorer Program, as sponsored by the Town of Wickenburg Police Department, is to provide young people with an opportunity to explore law enforcement as a possible career and to help serve the community in a positive manner. The organization and administration rank structure, duties, and actives are similar to those of Police Officers, with obvious limitations. The advantages are reciprocating. Explorers gain experience and insight in police officers’ line of work. The Explorers, as a volunteer group working alongside police officers, administrators, detectives, and support personnel, can perform many police related tasks. Many civil and non-profit organizations benefit from the assistance of the Wickenburg Police Explorers. We currently have three active explorers in our Explorer POST#1863. Visit the Wickenburg Explorer Post Facebook Page for more information.



People need their fingerprints taken for a variety of reasons, including job applications. The Wickenburg Police Department offers to take fingerprints for any member of the public every Monday and Wednesday between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. The cost of the service is $10.00. Fingerprint cards will not be supplied.


K9 Unit

The Wickenburg Police Department has maintained a K9 since 1996. Over the years, a variety of officers and K9s have protected the community. Currently, the Department has two K9s, Belgium Malinois “Bikkel” partnered with K9 Officer G. Weaver and "Caerus" is partnered with K9 Officer N. Amavizca. K9s provide a variety of functions including narcotic detection, suspect apprehension, building searches, tactical tracking, public demonstrations and community engagement (yes, you can pet them).

Joe Lahey

School Resource Officer (SRO)

The Wickenburg Unified School District was awarded a federal grant for a School Resource Officer (SRO) position at Wickenburg High School (WHS). In August of 2017, the position was staffed fulltime and has remained staffed ever since. In 2020, the grant was renewed for an additional three years, and also added an allotment of time to be used at Vulture Peak Middle School, which is the junior high feeder school for WHS. The current SRO, Joe Lahey, spends his days ensuring students’ safety is maintained, and he spends a great deal of time in a variety of classroom settings providing educational information that applies to law enforcement.

Santos on Vehicle.jpg

Wickenburg 5-0

The Wickenburg FIVE-0 program is designed to place officers in the classrooms of Wickenburg's schools. The purpose of the program is to build proactive relationships with the youth of Wickenburg and facilitate a positive mentorship between the officers and the students.

The program's goal is for each officer of the WPD to spend fifty hours during the school year in the classroom, hence "FIVE-0". This averages about 5 hours per month, per officer. The officers share lunch with the students, occasionally teach safety messages, attend sporting events, and act as chaperones on field trips. The curriculum taught is purchased through donations and t-shirt sales by officers. The 2011-2012 school year was the first year for the Wickenburg FIVE-0 program. The program was very popular with the students during its initial year.

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  1. Community Programs Coordinator
    Lt. Aaron Hadley
    1980 W Wickenburg Way
    Wickenburg, AZ  85390
    (928) 684-5451 x1504