Alarm Permit

The Town has taken steps to regulate commercial and residential alarms due to the significant amount of time and resources that are expended by the Wickenburg Police and Fire Departments when responding to false fire and burglar alarms. Additionally, once at the scene of the alarm, the police and/or fire responders are often unable to locate a responsible person to address and silence the false alarm, resulting in a disturbance of the peace and misusing public safety resources.

Step 1: Informing the Public of Alarm Permit Regulations

  • It shall be unlawful to operate, or cause to be operated, an alarm system within the Town limits without a valid Alarm Permit being registered with the Town Alarm Administrator.
  • An Alarm Permit Registration form must be completed and given to the Communication Specialist prior to a new alarm installation or activation.
  • The application information will assist the Safety Personnel responding to the alarm in knowing if there are any dangerous or special conditions present at alarm site. We do not want anyone hurt responding to an alarm; especially a false alarm.
  • Once the permit is issued, the user shall make it available at the alarm site for inspection by the Communication Specialist if requested.
  • Emergency response time to an alarm is critical for everyone. Two individuals shall be listed as contacts in case of activation.
  • Responding to the alarm site is 15 minutes during the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday. Therefore, we strongly suggest the "alarm responder" be a local resident.
  • Responding to the alarm site during all other times shall be no longer than 25 minutes. Again, we strongly recommend the "alarm responder" be a local resident.

Step 2: Notification of False Alarm Violations and Assessment

  • If police and/or fire records indicate three or more false alarms within a permit (calendar) year, the Communication Specialist will contact the alarm user and request a report be submitted within 10 days.
  • The report will contain a description of action taken, or action to be taken, to discover and stop the cause of the continued false alarms. The report may also contain specific defenses, if any, as to why the alleged false alarms should not be considered false.
  • The report needs to be received by the Communication Specialist within the 10 days or it will be deemed the user waived their right to any further review or hearing and be assessed a fine. The fine is $100 per false alarm upon the 4th false alarm in one calendar year. 
  • If the report is received within the 10 day time period; the Communication Specialist will review it and determine the best course of action to take up to, and including, a possible fine.
  • Any alarm user aggrieved by the Communication Specialist may appeal the decision to a Hearing Officer.

Step 3: Register Alarm Systems with the Town Communication Specialist 

  • Complete an Alarm Permit Registration form for each alarm system you use and return it to Town Hall. The permit is free.
  • The permit is based on a calendar year (January - December) and is non-transferable.
  • Renewal notices will be mailed out yearly.

Submitting your Registration Form

  • Deliver it to Town Hall at 155 N Tegner St., Ste A.
  • Fax it to the number on the registration form
  • Enclose the completed registration form in with your Town utility payment.

Contact Information
Communication Specialist
(928) 684-5411