Public Services - Streets Header

The Streets Department is responsible for the care and maintenance of approximately 65 miles of publicly owned streets, plus alleyways, within the Town limits. 

Duties include, but are not limited to: 

  • street sweeping
  • grading of dirt roads
  • storm clean up
  • weed control
  • landscaping
  • potholes and crack repairs
  • resurfacing streets
  • repair and replacement of all signage
  • street markings
  • holiday decorations
  • sidewalk/ADA ramp repairs
  • street light repairs

Report Flooded Roads or Downed Trees

  • During normal business hours, occurring on public roadways, call (928) 684-5451 x1520
  • After hours, occurring on public roadways, call (928) 684-5411

Street Light Repair

  • Town of Wickenburg Street Light call (928) 684-5451 x1558.
  • Street Light on APS Power Grid call (800) 253-9405


Please call (928) 684-5451 x1558.

Right-of-Way Permitting

A right-of-way permit is required for any work done on a Town right-of-way. This includes work done on any Town owned streets or alleyways to ensure public property is returned to its previous condition.

Apply for a new permit here. Check the status of your permit, or pay online, through our Contractor Service's Portal.