Insurance Requirements

What is GatherGuard?
GatherGuard provides low-cost general liability insurance. It protects both the user and the facility against claims by guests who may be injured as a result of attending the event.

What does GatherGuard cover? 
$1 million in liability protection for many types of events including: receptions, reunions, festivals, concerts, charity benefits, job fairs, weddings, clubs and meetings, liquor liability, arts and craft fairs, and much more.

How do I get a quote?
Simply fill out our online application with your event information. Online application can be found at:

How does GatherGuard work? 
The tenant user accesses the program with a provided facility/venue code.
The tenant user answers a few questions to obtain an online quote.
The tenant user provides credit card information to bind the coverage.
A certificate of insurance is sent to the tenant user and municipality.

Do I need liquor liability?
Host liquor liability, which includes coverage for hosted or cash bars, is part of the coverage. However, if you are providing alcohol at your event as part of your business of manufacturing, distributing, selling, serving or furnishing alcoholic beverages, you would need to select liquor liability coverage instead.

If my event occurs more than once can I put it on one policy? For example, a series of classes at the same location every week?

Policies are available for a series of multiple dates if the event type (for example, meeting, indoors) and location are the same. The first date and last date must be within a 90-day timeframe per policy.

Venue Codes

  • Town of Wickenburg (parades, block parties/street closures, walk/run events)
    155 N TegnerSt
    Wickenburg, Az  85390
    Code: 0501-131
  • Wickenburg Community Center
    160 N Valentine St
    Wickenburg, Az  85390
    Code: 0501-034
  • Coffinger Park/Rec Center
    175 Swilling Ave
    Wickenburg, Az  85390
    Code: 0501-037
  • Everett Bowman Rodeo Arena
    935 Constellation Rd
    Wickenburg, Az  85390
    Code: 0501-035
  • Sunset Park
    3020 W Wickenburg Way
    Wickenburg, Az  85390
    Code: 0501-036
  • Stone Park
    164 E Apache St
    Wickenburg, Az  85390
    Code: 0501-053
  • Wishing Well Park
    333 E Wickenburg Way
    Wickenburg, Az  85390
    Code: 0501-062
  • Wickenburg Municipal Airport
    3410 W Wickenburg Way
    Wickenburg, Az  85390
    Code: 0501-100