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What Is A Town-Wide Parks And Recreation Masterplan?

The Town of Wickenburg (“the Town”) is at a pivotal moment to establish a direction for the town’s parks and recreation system, to energize the community, and to engage partner organizations in the process. Within the context of the recent parks millage, and strong synergies among parks and recreation goals, and residents’ growing needs, the Parks and Recreation Master Plan (“Master Plan”) will offer an aspirational vision for the future of Wickenburg’s parks, open space, and recreation resources. The Master Plan will envision ways to continuously enhance existing resources, while steadily building capacity and expanding opportunities and access throughout the community. Linking the system’s existing and future amenities and programs to community health, equity, connectivity, and long-term economic sustainability, the plan envisions elevating the role of the parks and recreation system in the daily lives of Wickenburg in the years to come.

Community Input: Building On A Solid Framework

The Parks and Recreation Master Plan will be developed with the help of continuous input from the community. The Plan is led by Parks Department and Community Services, but includes input from the general public, Town leadership, other town departments, school districts, Chamber of Commerce, neighborhood association, and organizations that contribute to recreation programs within the community.

To gather input for the plan ideas and build a partnership base for future implementation, we are now leading a diverse public engagement strategy throughout the planning process. Throughout the winter-spring season - a critical moment for the plan’s development – outreach will be conducted at local events and festivals, and in-person meetings. The planning process will engage a broad range of community members through community events, online surveys, and in-person workshops.

Online Survey

The Master Plan team has developed a general open link survey to gather public and stakeholder input as it relates to the Parks and Recreation facilities and programs. The survey will be disseminated by email, hosted on the Town’s website, available at community events, and on Master Plan information pieces posted at key community gathering areas. To participate in the survey, scan the QR code below using the camera on your mobile phone, or visit

QR Parks Master Plan

Paper Survey

A paper survey is also available at Wickenburg Town Hall Utilities Counter. After completing the paper survey, you can drop it off at the Town Hall drop-off box, email the scanned survey to Kassandra Aleskova at, or mail it to the following address: Wickenburg Town Hall - Attn: Kassandra Aleskova, 155 N Tegner St, Wickenburg, AZ 85390

In-person Workshop

The Master Plan team will host several in-person public workshops within the community and intend to share with the community the results of the online survey, assessment of current park and recreation facilities, and initial planning concepts. Date and location will be available on the Town’s website, emailed to topic subscribers, and posted on social media. Workshop attendees will be led by facilitators through table discussions addressing the community concerns and priorities for the Parks and Recreation Master Plan expressed in past experience and previous survey efforts.

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