Downtown Characters

Don't miss the characters throughout the downtown, they will delight and possibly surprise pedestrians. There are six large bronze sculptures and 16 linking pieces; all uniquely colored to look realistic. The large sculptures include a button with a narrative from Arizona State Historian Marshall Trimble on the history of Wickenburg. Click on the map for a larger version of the locations in the downtown:
Map of Sculptures
1. Owner of the Hassayampa Hotel - This depicts Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, the original owner of the hotel in the late 1800's, welcoming her guests. It is located on Frontier and Apache Street in front of the historic Hassayampa Building.

2. School Teacher with Luggage -This statue depicts a young school teacher arriving by train to Wickenburg in the early 1900's seeking to settle in Wickenburg to teach area children and perhaps corral a local cowboy. It is located on Frontier Street near the railroad locomotive and caboose. It is also near the old train depot that currently houses the Chamber of Commerce.

3. Miner Leading His Donkey - This depicts the early mining activity of the late 1800's, culminating with the discovery of the Vulture Mine by Henry Wickenburg in 1863. It is located on the west side of North Tegner Street (Hwy-93) between Yavapai Street and Apache Street.

4. Jail Tree Felon - The Jail Tree Felon depicts the use of the large mesquite tree as a place to chain prisoners in early Wickenburg days until they could be transported to the nearest jail in Prescott. It is located at the Jail Tree Park on Tegner Street (Hwy-93) next to Circle K.

5. Vaquero with Guitar - This statue shows a person providing an evening serenade to downtown visitors in the late 1800's and early 1900's. It is located on Wickenburg Way (Hwy-60) near the corner of Valentine Street.

6. Cowboy and Dance Hall Girl - This statue depicts the evening social activity in early downtown Wickenburg. It is located on the south side of Wickenburg Way (Hwy-60) in front of the entry to Rancho Bar 7 Lounge.

16 Linkage Pieces - The linkage pieces are small bronzes of local area desert creatures provide linkage between the major downtown sculptures. They include four each of Gila monsters, roadrunners, tarantulas, and rattlesnakes.

Plaque - There is a bronze recognition plaque located at the Desert Caballeros Western Museum Pavilion in recognition of the artist and the DeVore Foundation for their donation to the Town of Wickenburg.

About the Artist

J. Seward Johnson is a world renowned artist known for his super realistic, life-sized bronze sculptures. His work is in private and public collections around the world.
Gila Monster