How will I know what jobs I'm qualified for?

A job description will be posted on the website with the specific requirements. These job descriptions are also available at Town Hall and are provided with the applications.

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1. How do I apply for a job?
2. What positions are you currently hiring for?
3. Do I need to complete a separate application for each job I want to apply for?
4. Can I apply for a position any time I wish?
5. Is there a different application for police officers and dispatch applicants?
6. How will I know what jobs I'm qualified for?
7. If I've previously completed an application, will I automatically be considered for other positions?
8. Can I just submit a resume instead of filling in the employment history on the application?
9. Do you accept faxed or emailed applications?
10. What should I do if my address or phone number changes?
11. How soon will I find out my status once I have applied?