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Burn Permit Application

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  2. Wickenburg Fire

    734 W. Wickenburg Way

    Wickenburg, AZ 85390

    Burn Permit Application

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  4. This permit allows the applicant to open burn within the Wickenburg Fire Department jurisdiction within Yavapai County only. The hours of burn will be 7:00a.m. thru 11:00a.m. Monday through Friday, providing no burn restrictions are in place. The applicant must call 928-668-0567 prior to starting burn to check on conditions applicable to open burning.  The Wickenburg Fire Department has the discretion of approving or disapproving the burn due to weather, time,
    hazardous conditions, or improper burning techniques reported.

    By typing your name below the applicant certifies that they have legal authority to start and maintain an open fire at the above address for the purposes stated above, and will assume all responsibility for conducting an open burn in accordance with Title 18 Chapter 2 Arizona Administrative Code. The undersigned acknowledges full liability for any consequences of fires that may be authorized by the permit.

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